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These are all of the children's books Mark has written and illustrated. Click to preview or purchase.

cover of Quest Kids and the Dragon Pants of Gold

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cover of Quest Kids and the Dark Prophecy of Doug

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CLICK HERE and visit the SpaceboyDraws Etsy store where you can download original artwork to print and frame for your very own!


Digital Downloads

School visits




Mark walks students through the creative process, helping them brainstorm original ideas for writing and drawing their own books! Mark talks about the importance of listening to your inner voice and overcoming adversity to do what you love to do!








Along with Mark's visit, your school will receive a FREE autographed book

for your classroom or library! As well as original customized artwork generated during the lesson!


For more details or to schedule a visit for your school, fill out the form below!

Our 4th graders were completely engaged for the full 90 minutes. They were so impressed with your talent, realized they have their own potential, and heard an important message about perseverance. Thanks again Mark!

– Mrs. Kyro, Southview Elementary

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who is this guy?

Mark Leiknes lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife and three kids. He produced a nationally syndicated comic strip for eight years and now he writes and illustrates books that he hopes his kids will enjoy. And most times they do!

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